All You Need to Know Is In You to Discover

From the time we are born and throughout our journey of growing up, we are always told that someone else knows best…knows more than us…is the authority. Our teachers, coaches, parents, older siblings, bosses…all of these people assume the role of telling us what is acceptable and what is not.

We learn to constantly strive to meet the expectations of others and assume meeting these expectations is the direction towards success and achieving what is best. This can be wonderful, this having a sense of mentorship, inspiration, security, to help us realize our potential. However, learning to become aware of our OWN sense of knowing and developing a trust in ourselves is often overlooked and underdeveloped as a consequence of growing up in a society where we depend on the acceptance and “the ok” from authority figures. We are the only ones that really know the answers to our own questions. We need to spend mindful time developing this awareness and trust in ourselves in order to live a life that is genuine to ourselves. Listen to your emotions and what your body tells you…that gut sense. Your emotional system is your compass to understanding the direction you should move.