The First Session

Deciding to talk to a counsellor can for so many of us be a scary experience.  I often have people tell me that it’s something they’ve thought about for weeks, months, or even years.  And not too long following that declaration I have those same people telling me that they wish they would have done it sooner.   

My response to this is usually that they took action when it was right for them.  Sometimes the incubation time and the getting ready is just a part of the process.  Sometimes the getting ready is more difficult and more work than the actual act of setting up that first meeting and going to it.

Once the decision is made, however, and that first nerve rattling contact made to set up a meeting time, and you soon find yourself walking toward the clinic door with your heart in your throat wondering if it’s too late to cancel, the hardest part is over.  It is a big part of a counsellor’s job to help you feel comfortable and safe…and we are skilled at ensuring this for those who have been brave to make that initial appointment.  As a general life rule, to which counselling applies, is NOTHING IS EVER AS DIFFICULT AS WE IMAGINE IT WILL BE.