Life Lessons Learned While Hiking

There is nothing more natural and healing than when we return to our natural environment.  For me, nature is a place of healing, learning, serenity, and fun.  Often insights and clarity strike me when I spend the day working my way up a moutain, so I thought I would share my top 10 learnings…so far.

Be in the moment – there are millions of opportunities in a day to experience something beautiful or thought provoking. Slow down enough just to notice a few of these and life will be much more rich.

Sometimes when you’re feeling lost the only necessary step to getting back on track is to pause and try seeing things from a different perspective.

Don’t forget to look back every once in a while to appreciate how far you’ve come.

We get to where we want to be (to our peak) by taking one step at a time. Try not to look too far ahead and risk being overwhelmed by the incline. Keeping an eye on two or three steps ahead are plenty.

Humans need nature, but nature does not need humans. We are guests on this earth and we must treat it with great respect.

Sometimes we are unsure if we are headed the “right” way. Sometimes we discover incredible things by exploring the unknown.  Maybe it is less about the right way or wrong way and more about the planned way or unplanned way.  Trying something new and unplanned can be exhilerating!

Every once in a while something unexpected can happen. Be prepared. You can handle the unexpected if you have done your best to prepare for it. Pack necessary supplies and don’t go alone.

“Water is the driving force of all nature” ~ Leonardo da Vinci.  Keep hydrated!

We only get better if we push ourselves a little. Know your ability and comfort zone and take a baby step outside of it. It’s the only way to grow.

Celebrate your accomplishments!!  Hard work deserves to be recognized!

I encourage you to check out Vancouver Trails for ideas of hikes of all levels of difficulty throughout the lower mainland.  If you end up gathering some of your own life lessons please let us know what you’ve learned!