Therapist Bios

About Julie

One of the most interesting parts of my work as a counsellor is the diversity of people I get to work with.  I consider myself lucky to meet with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, ages from youth to retirees, life situations and choices, sexual orientation, and gender identification.  Each person or couple I meet with is unique and it is a true pleasure to get to know and help guide each to a happier place.

Some of the issues I work with, but are not limited to, include:  working with feelings of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, dealing with challenging emotions, abuse, relationship conflict and couples counselling, sexual issues/concerns, life transition, stress, self-esteem, and communication.

My approach is very open and accepting.  No matter what you are struggling with or how taboo you feel your concerns, you will find that I am an accepting and non-judgmental confidant.  I strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing and exploring.

Individual Counselling

As a counsellor I believe in the connection between our physical, mental, social and emotional aspects.  In my work with individuals, I guide people in considering all of these aspects of their well-being to help bring about desired change or relief.  Each of us is our own expert in knowing what is truly best for ourselves.  My goal is to help people reach a place where they have clear and confident access to that sense of knowing.  This is often achieved by getting to know our genuine selves.  I believe many of life’s struggles and problems are symptoms of negative core self-beliefs that have developed through life’s experiences and key relationships.  Gaining an awareness of our beliefs about ourselves offers us the opportunity to observe and change those beliefs.  I utilize a variety of techniques and strategies, depending on individual personalities and needs, to help achieve this.  I work with adults of all ages and couples, as well as teens.


In my couples counselling work, I utilize my training and experience with Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).   From this perspective, I help couples to identify the negative cycle of interaction that the pair is likely stuck in and victim to.  I often hear couples complain that they experience the same arguments and feelings over and over again in their relationship.  Each partner, while trying to protect themselves from hurt, in their own way, helps perpetuate this negative cycle of interaction.  Within this negative cycle there are emotional needs that are going unmet for each partner.  Through the discovery, articulation, and deeper understanding of these unmet needs, a new positive cycle of interaction can emerge.


About Tiffani

TiffaniTiffani is an experienced individual, adolescent, family and group therapist. She maintains a client-centered perspective and appreciates that each client responds to varying therapeutic approaches. She is therefore flexible in her approach to therapy but leans heavily on gestalt techniques. She also has experienced great success using cognitive behavioural techniques when appropriate. Tiffani is always mindful of research proven best practices for any given issue. She offers intensive, experiential and collaborative therapy that is insight and personal growth driven.

Individual Therapy

Client success is partially based on the “fit” of client and therapist. With this in mind, Tiffani brings her true self to the counselling room to engage with her client’s most true self. Working as equals, together they identify goals and engage in exploring each concern with curiosity and openness. Tiffani takes her client’s lead but tends to work in the here and now, accessing the past if it appears to be a barrier to the future. Her training and experience includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Depression
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Crisis intervention/Stress management
  • Life transitions
  • Identity formation
  • Self-worth & Self-esteem
  • Substance use issues
  • Parenthood decision-making
  • Fertility/Infertility
  • Postpartum depression
  • Parenthood post 30.

Tiffani’s research is in the area of parenthood decision-making post 30 years old. She has experienced success helping those manage and overcome feelings of depression and anxiety/panic issues utilizing CBT techniques. In terms of substance misuse issues, Tiffani utilizes the theory of harm reduction.

Adolescent Therapy

Tiffani has been working with youth of varying cultural and socio-economic backgrounds for over 8 years and is efficient and competent in developing a strong and trusting rapport. She understands and can appreciate how difficult and scary it can be to be a teenager in today’s world. Sometimes teenagers just need a confidential place to talk about what’s happening (or happened) in their lives. Other times, they need advice, guidance and/or coping strategies from a trusted professional. Tiffani collaborates with her teenage clients to set specific goals, encourages responsibility and accountability, to ultimately deepen their self-awareness, inner resources and feelings of control (mastery) in their lives. Tiffani offers teens a supportive, caring place to be understood, heard and helped.

Family Therapy

Informed by her many years of experience working with youth and their families, Tiffani offers in-office and outreach family counselling that addresses the complexity of each individual’s thoughts, feelings, experiences and needs. Tiffani understands the pressures and risks today’s youth face, as well as the many challenges of parenting teens. She offers a variety of practical and creative strategies to manage these stressors and challenges, and also engages her clients in processing negative family dynamics/experiences in order to strengthen the family’s communication, understanding and overall bond. Tiffani is experienced in supporting and providing education to parents with the goal of decreasing conflict within their parent/child relationships and increasing coping and parent strategies. Tiffani fosters the development of strong collaborative relationships with families to encourage their active participation in developing goals that address their concerns and are sensitive to their cultural values and socio-economic circumstances.

Group Therapy

Tiffani leads group therapy for teens. Please see Tiffani’s website for group therapy opportunities or contact Tiffani directly at