Walk & Talk Therapy

Available throughout the summer months at Counselling On Main, Walk & Talk Therapy involves one-on-one sessions outdoors.

This is ideal for those dealing with anxiety, feelings of depressions, grief and loss, or for those who process emotions through movement.

You set the pace.  Are you in need of a mindful stroll at the beach or a more fast-paced, energy moving speed walk?

Utilizing movement as a piece of a therapeutic plan is growing in both popularity and scientific support.  WebMD discusses The Benefits of Walking Therapy.

All You Need to Know Is In You to Discover

From the time we are born and throughout our journey of growing up, we are always told that someone else knows best…knows more than us…is the authority. Our teachers, coaches, parents, older siblings, bosses…all of these people assume the role of telling us what is acceptable and what is not.

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