The Counselling Process

Deciding to seek the support of a counsellor can be a difficult choice to make and even more difficult to carry through with.  This is why our primary goal is to create a space and situation that feels comfortable and safe.  The relationship that develops between you and your counsellor is very unique and built on trust, acceptance, complete non-judgement, and understanding.  We urge you to make an appointment or phone consultation  to decide for yourself if counselling is right for you at this time in your life.

Free Phone Consultation

Some individuals like to dive into the process and some are more cautious.   We encourage people who are interested in coming in for counselling, but are feeling cautious, to speak with your counsellor during a free 20 minute phone consultation.  This is a chance for you to test the waters and ask yourself, “is this someone I feel comfortable talking with?”  In this conversation you can begin to tell your counsellor about yourself and what you are struggling with.  You may also feel free to ask questions to your counsellor.  After this conversation, if you feel you would like to continue, we will set up a time for your first full session.  It is our strong belief that finding a counsellor that you feel in harmony with is essential for you to fully benefit from the counselling process and if you do not sense you are in harmony with your counsellor then we will support and encourage your continued search for a better match.

Counselling Sessions

If you do decide to continue after the phone consultation or if you decide from the get go that you would like to begin with the first full hour long session, then the first step is for your counsellor to start understanding you as a person and also develop an understanding of what you would like to get out of the counselling process.  You might want to use the time and space to process current stresses or losses or to understand patterns in your life.  You may want to focus on building skills in coping with life events or you may want to build healthier relationships with your partner or family members.  Whatever objectives you hold, your counsellor will help guide you in meeting them.

The first full session, or two, consists of your counsellor asking many questions to help build her understanding by learning about key experiences and relationships in your life and the beliefs and values that govern how you navigate in the world.  Perhaps at this point you will not feel comfortable sharing everything that is asked about and that is okay.

Our work as counsellors is informed by several theoretical frameworks, but above all else, we understand that each person is unique and wants to achieve something unique, so our work as counsellors is to approach each person with gentle curiosity to help understand this uniqueness and support the desired change and growth.  Together, you and your counsellor will figure out what works best for you and help you to find what you are seeking whether it is relief, clarity, deeper understanding, or personal growth.