The Fears & Facts About Counselling

Feeling anxious and even embarrassed or ashamed are common feelings that many people face when accessing counselling for the first time.  Some of the common fears, and the facts that may help reassure those fears, are listed below.  We strongly believe that counselling is a resource that is a healthy addition to everyone’s life.  We are certain that the anxiety, shame and embarrassment you may be experiencing at the moment will be transformed into relief, empowerment and pride.


FEAR:  My problems aren’t serious enough, upsetting, or embarrassing to talk about with a counsellor.

FACT:  Any concern is definitely valid. No matter how big or small you feel your struggle is, we are caring, non-judgmental and here to listen and help you work through it.


FEAR:  People who go to counselling are crazy or weak.

FACT:  All people experience emotional stress at various points in life and some people seek counselling as one method of support. Going to counselling is definitely not an indication of weakness or disorder.  In fact, seeking counselling is a healthy, strong and responsible option.


FEAR:  I should be strong and disciplined enough to solve problems on my own.

FACT:  Choosing to seek out counselling when you are experiencing emotional distress reflects wisdom and courage. Professional counselling is a resource.


FEAR: Dealing with emotional issues may stir up thoughts, fears, and feelings that will be difficult to manage.

FACT:  In reality, most find counselling to be a great relief and gain a greater sense of control and calm even in the first session. 


FEAR:  People will know that I went to see a counsellor.

FACT:  Counselling sessions are confidential and we take confidentiality very seriously. The only way others would become aware of your choice to see a counsellor is if you decide to tell them.


FEAR:  I am too uncomfortable to take the first step by making an appointment and then talking with a stranger about personal matters seems kind of scary.

FACT:  That first step (booking online or making a phone call, email or sending a text) is the toughest.  Your discomfort is understandable. We are aware of this and can help ease you through the first steps. Using our online booking option is often the least intimidating first step (click the big, red “book now” button on our homepage).  Or, if talking with us first is more comfortable, please call, text or email anytime.